Pastoral Forum – Report of December 2013 meeting

Tuesday 10th December 2013

Present: Father D. O’Donnell, Rev J Mullin, Rev. Prof. M. Scanlon B. Buttle, C. Buttle, Joe Moore, Janice Moore, C. Macey, M. Collins, J. Yeoman, M. Head, G. Jones, R. Ballard, M. Collins, Sr. Ruth, Sr. Anne, L. D., P. Cadogan (apologies if I have left anyone off)

Apologies : J.D., P. Murphy, N. Hitchen, A. Drew, M. Drew

This meeting was chaired by Rev. Prof. M. Scanlon.

The question to be addressed was: How are we seen as being pro-active in the community in its wider sense?

After open discussion where poverty, debt, isolation etc. were identified as probably the largest worries of the area, the meeting came up with the following ideas:

  • Identify the age groups who would benefit from a “drop-in” type meeting.
  • How we make the initial contact (Notices, texting, Facebook, going into the playground at school and asking parents what they would like to have etc.
  • Sr. Ruth made the point that from her experience we would need to contact relevant people to give any specific advice e.g. Legal, Citizens Advice, Age Concern.
  • Campaign would have to be well advertised, target specific as to what the community needs.
  • Opportunities already up and running in the community do not need to be duplicated.
  • Where will any meetings take place? Parish Centre/School
  • Form meetings will take – informal tea/ coffee and cakes etc.
  • Initially small group to look at next step ( Rev. Prof. M. Scanlon, Sr. Ruth, Sr. Anne, M.Head, B. Buttle, C. Buttle, J. Yeoman, C. Macey plus any other volunteers.

Unnamed person has ideas for fundraising (could be invited to address PAC).

G.J. raised the point that Barclays Bank have a fund raising venture to double efforts by groups.

Next meeting of PAC: Second Wednesday in January

What are your thoughts?