How to Find Us

If you haven’t been to either of the churches or the parish Centre, Here’s some information.

You’ll find the church of St Francis of Assisi in Caerau Park Road; the church and hall of St Clare in Mill Road and the parish hall on the corner of Grand Avenue and Moore Road.

We’ve identified some pictures and maps on Google Maps (see below):

St Francis Catholic Church

Technically, St Francis church is on the corner of Caerau Park Road and Cowbridge Road West in , Ely, Cardiff. However to get to the front door by car you’ll need to drive along Caerau Lane and turn into Caerau Park Road.

By bus, Cowbridge Road West is on the routes for numbers 12, 13, and 96. The nearest stop is Wilson Road. More information on

(Photo and Map c/o Google Maps
Click on the arrow in the bottom right hand corner to see the map.

St Clares Church, Mill Road, Ely Cardiff.

There is a very small car park behind the church, accessed through the gates on the right.

There is a bus stop for the number 12 bus on Mill Road about 100 metres from the church and a stop for the 13 a bit further away on Heol-y-Felin. There are also bus stops on Cowbridge Road West, served by numbers 12,13,17,18 and 96. More information on

St Francis Parish Centre

The parish centre is on the corner of Grand Avenue and Moore Road. There is a small car park at the back – the gates are on Moore Road.

The parish Centre is served by buses 17 and 18, and the stops are just outside the Centre on Grand Avenue – ask the driver for the stops near Wilson Road. More information on